Moving Maastricht

2005 - 2007


15 minutes of video art in public space ( 4 programs – see below)
2005 – 2007

Moving Maastricht is a bi-monthly series of video art screenings in public space. The works by internationally renowned artists and young talents, usually only to be seen within the white cubes of galleries and museums, temporarily take part in public life along the Wilhelminasingel (episode 1) and Alexander Battalaan (episode 2 & 3) in Maastricht.
The screenings provide an exciting opportunity for all inhabitants and visitors of Maastricht to get acquainted with works from artists whose creations are seldom seen outside of the confines of galleries and museums. In 2006 a broad selection of internationally established artists as well as emerging young talents will be showing their works, inviting you to just take a glance or, once caught by the intriguing images, enjoy a personal screening with inspiring works that open up different perspectives on everyday situations. Enrich yourself with these different, unusual, uncanny, inspiring and witty views, and after a few minutes everything will look different than before.

Moving Maastricht 1 – 4

Round ‘n’ Round
January – march 2005
The video works in this first program examine the use of circular figures and spinning movements in contemporary video art practice. From the early works of NPS-Cultuur Prize winner Jeroen Kooijmans to recent works by art school graduates Urs Domingo Gnad and Jose Miguel Biscaya, these videos will surprise you with their originality and astound you with their simplicity. Nothing is what it appears to be, and by the time your head stops spinning, the images will keep swirling in your head, allowing you a fresh look beyond the ordinary.

Wondering About (What, Where and Why)
November – december 2006
Wondering About (What, Where and Why) presents video performances by three young artists, Feiko Beckers, Kuang-Yu Tsui and Dennis Feser who, each in their own way, analyse the everyday and the obvious by authentically experiencing and re-interpreting objects and behaviour. The staged actions reveal sincere encounters with ordinary objects and acts, performed in such a genuine way that in addition to humour, they offer space for reflection and introspection.

January – March 2007
Translucencies presents three video works that appeal to your imagination through abstract imagery in dialogue with the soundtrack. The light of the projection brings forth images that suggest more than reality presents us, evoking associations in continuous flux. Luukkaankangas – updated, revisited from Dariusz Kowalski shows a world in which the roads seem to become part of the Finnish landscape they traverse, Study #40 from Lia is a journey in itself along a digital road that’s in continuous change, and I Can’t Believe You Actually Died made by Brain McDonald is like a dreamy tale shaped in a music video, with twinkling fireworks that shed an optimistic light on a song about passing away – Translucencies as a shining light in these darkest months of the year.

OFFSIDE 07-07-2006
MovingMaastricht special summer edition
OFFSIDE is een eenmalige zomerpresentatie van MovingMaastricht. OFFSIDE, het voorprogramma van Cinema Luna op 7 juli, biedt twee dagen voor de WK- finale een verfrissende blik op het voetbal en haar spelers – op en rond het veld. Geniet van de gracieuze warm-up in Sandra van Slooten’s “Ballküre”, wees getuige van de voetbalhoogmis in “We Are The Faithful” van Michael Koch en verbaas je over acrobatische toeren in Tammuz Binshtock’s “Pars Pro Toto”. Voetbal zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn na het zien van dit programma.


Moving Maastricht – Produced and organised by Bart van den Boom – Curated by Jan Schuijren – Initiated and commissioned by Paul Rinkens / Maastricht – Sponsored by Ontwerpbureau B2B (graphic design) and AV&F Maastricht (technical realisation) –
All works © the artists.